Sansar Housing - Naya Raipur

February 06, 2020, 11:00 am IST

​Indian cities are on a road to rapid urbanization. Cities are witnessing migration at its peak due to rise in economies. There is an urgent need to accommodate the migrants. Besides Mumbai other upcoming cities like Naya Raipur, Amravati, are getting an urban face lift keeping the concept of smart cities central to their development policy. These places form major markets for construction of high rise residential and commercial spaces. 

Naya Raipur has been nominated as one of the 100 smart cities in India, and so there has been quite a few development projects taking place in Naya Raipur. Creative group with its expertise in residential design when presented with an opportunity to design a residential housing complex was able to conceptualize an innovative one in Naya Raipur. The firm has also envisioned the CBD Railway Station in Naya Raipur which has been conferred with National Design award, along with the Swami Vivekanda Airport, Raipur which was awarded as the “Best Regional Airport of India” by Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India, and so able to understand the demographics and culture of Naya Raipur in its entirety. The design breaks from the clichéd vertical construction trend and explores a new dimension of built environment in this project of Sansar housing.

Naya Raipur is centrally located on the map of India and thus has hot tropical climate. The summer temperature can sore up to as high as 48 degrees. The site being located in such hot conditions, the focus of the architects at Creative group was to design a pleasant living environment. Mr.Prabhpreet Shah, Executive Director of creative group explains the genesis of Sansar Homes. “Sansar is a Hindi word, which means a self-sufficient thriving community”. The residential complex of Sansar homes takes cues from the elements of nature. The sinusoidal elevation of the apartment block resonates with the silhouette of a mountain. On plan the arrangement of housing unit appears free flowing effortlessly from one zone to another like the quality of water.

The buildings on site have been oriented to create shaded green courtyards and reduce the indoor temperature. North – south alignment is maintained to prevent the residents from being exposed to the harsh east-west sun. The residential unit and villas is built around the central green spine which accommodates courtyards, water-bodies, play area for children and, gardens which can be transformed into party lawns to catch the imagination of the occupants. Sansar homes have been designed to suit the needs of customer from every financial background. The residential unit has 1,2,3,4 BHK and penthouse type apartments. Besides this Sansar homes also has 24 luxurious private villas of generous 3250 square. feet.  Club house with all modern facilities like yoga studio, basketball court, football turf, swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna bath, and restaurant ,  is located on the east side of the site spreading over a lavish 6500 square feet. Commercial shopping space has been segregated from the residential area by positioning it near the entrance of the complex. Introducing a commercial space within the society proves to be very convenient. To respect the privacy of residents the vehicular movement has been directed along the periphery of the residential units. This arrangement also helps reduce noise and air pollution in the populous area of the site. 


The rhythmic massing of the built form remains the most interesting feature of Sansar Homes. Prof.Charanjit Shah discusses his vision of bringing Indian street and landscape to an elevated level. In an attempt to break from banal and intimidating high-rise volumes, Sansar Homes brings the Nature to the door step of every resident by designing exclusive stepped green roof terraces for every 2, 3, 4, BHK apartments. Most living rooms integrate smoothly with the private terraces, providing an overall tranquil environment and cool indoor temperatures. Triple height space has been sculpted out at the entrance plaza and 4th level, covered with trees and water bodies to naturally cool the warm air, thus providing comfortable living environment. This clever design reduces the overall energy consumption of the building as it eliminates the need for Air Conditioning. The public space at 4th level becomes an essential catalyst in encouraging community interaction. The double height corridor, radical in its design, is present at alternate levels, connecting two level simultaneously. It promotes ventilation, and daylight in-take, mitigating the need for artificial lighting in the daytime, adding to reduced electricity bills. The stepped roof terraces besides providing meditative environment have also been utilized in rain-water harvesting. The water being collected on the terraces reduces the overall consumption of potable water. Grey water STP recycling system has also been installed in the society.                

Overall the concept of Sansar Homes is novel and intents to deliver sustainability as a lifestyle. Considering the stressful life of people lead in the 21st century, the built environment of Sansar Homes, provides a serene living surrounding, and a place which cradles in the lap of Mother Nature. Every aspect of Sansar Homes is conceptualized not just to feed the aesthetic criteria of living spaces but also its functional and educational facets. Sansar Homes also sensitizes the youth of the depleting natural resources and why it is of paramount importance for us to conserve the same and lead a sustainable lifestyle.