New Vision for a New India: Kota Railway Station

November 30, 2021, 10:28 am IST


Kota was founded as a walled city in the 14th century and became the capital of the princely state, Rajasthan in 1625. Presently, Kota Airport has no scheduled services in operation. The nearest international airport is Jaipur International Airport situated 250 km away from Kota. 

KOTA Railway Station has been selected by the Railways to be redeveloped by the National Building Construction Corporation(NBCC). The Rail Land Development Authority has joined hands with the NBCC for redevelopment OF these railway stations as per global standards and to exercise for Revenue generation by commercially exploiting. 

The main scope of the work is retrofitting of existing Station Building & upgradation of the Station Amenities as per world class standards. To design a good functional railway station it is extremely important to have proper segregated arrival and departure areas. There should be ample space for the ticket booking area. The public vehicular access should be properly segregated from seamless pedestrian access to station. Ample spaces for Creation of Rear station entries to cater the needs of the two sides of the city is also a must. 

 The main idea behind the redevelopment is to utilize the airspace for commercial development. The cost of the re-development can be met primarily by leveraging commercial development of spare railway land/airspace in and around the station. It will put the vacant land to better use and will attempt to redefine passenger experience, in addition to generation of non-tariff revenue for Indian Railways. The program will also give a fillip to infrastructural and commercial development in city centres.

The design takes inspiration from the traditional murals & architectural features of Rajasthan, which are being reflected inside & outside of the building.  

Location : Redevelopment of Kota Railway Station

Client: NBCC

Cost : 450 Cr.