Creating a Pedestrian Friendly Environment: Ghaziabad Railway station

November 30, 2021, 10:30 am IST

The transit modes are envisioned to be provided a better place for commuting, safe and more accessible public commutes will also lead to better redevelopment of the transit oriented development.

"The vision towards making the redevelopment of a place takes small aims to convert it into a plan which can be executed with the help of expert ideas, visions and mapped plans where we are to areas into developed bigger area, for which we are responsible a dreamers, executers and implementers as Architects have the power and audacity to do both the things and balance them somehow"

The railway station are not just a single entity but have to be made such that they work as a complex, that way, there would be more pedestrian movement, less pollution and it would form better connectivity with the city as well.

Location : Ghaziabad Railway Station

Architectural Firm: Creative Group LLP, Prof. Charanjit Shah, Ar. Gurpreet Shah, Ar. Sanjay K Surya

Client : NBCC 

Cost : 450 C. ($64.4 million) 

Site Area : 170 Acres 

The vision is to give Ghaziabad junction world class passenger amenities which will ensure minimal congestion and loading on station and platforms. To avoid any mishaps or overcrowding through smart design. It is also important to create safe and comfortable world class passenger amenities and services with possible maximum modern amenities. The vision also entails to provide a neat and clean entrance with facilities to get down from city transport. Creative Group as plans to design a pedestrian Plaza and concourse for the station to create a more People Friendly Environment both Inside as well as Outside. 

“The Vision Is To Provide Equal Opportunities In Terms Of Access To Various Places With Ease.”

The Station combines multiple forms of  public transportation such as trains and buses with other modes of transport i.e Shared Auto, bikes & cars. 

Any land or settlement over its course of existence develops an organic pattern as a response to its use over the span of time. Our approach to the design is to understand underlying systems of the site and its context to develop a scheme which is in harmony with the underlying structure. Additionally, the station building has been revitalized though strong place-making, contributing to social cohesion and pedestrianism. Care has been taken to provide and maximize green spaces within and around the precinct, also making it a source of civic pride.