Place specific form : Daman Airport

November 29, 2021, 09:30 am IST

The terminal building is designed with the idea to promote the local art through structure and use of materials. The facade is a result of repetition of architectural elements with a beautiful jaali pattern, that acts as an extended shade. The terminal is an example of contemporary architecture with modern facilities. The design reflects the culture of Daman by the use of Jaali pattern on ceiling and inspired artwork on walls. The skylight on the roof adds dynamism to the entire profile and adds interest to the terminal interiors. The indoor landscape of the terminal building explores a multisensory experience. The building form developed is very simple and bold.

With the massive experience of using steel in all the airports designed by them, Creative Group architects feel that steel is the material of tomorrow and have a very bright future. Formerly, steel was mostly used or bridges, flyovers, stadiums and other such projects but now it has great opportunities in terms of being used in skyscrapers and multi storeyed buildings. The global technology has reached this part of the world and as professionals, the architects can visualize the endless uses of steel in creating a new and modern India. The building’s interior scheme is subtle as well as vibrant. Many back lit double height feature walls strategically placed near the escalators and

staircase creates the visualinterest and guides the passengers to move in the certain path.



Location: Daman and Diu

Client: PWD

Architectural Firm: Creative Group LLP, Prof. Charanjit Shah, Ar. Gurpreet Shah, Ar. Pankaj Sehrawat

Cost: 70 Cr ($9.54 million)

Built Area: 4,000 sq.m.