Under Prof. Shah’s guidance CREATIVE GROUP strives at achieving and creating living, Breathing Structures that are intelligent and Self-Sustainable.

Changing the ideology that architecture is more than just buildings, Creative Group moves forward with the philosophy that 'a built form should not be treated as a dead mass of brick and concrete, but as a living organism, allowing it to breathe with nature.' The firm is directed not so much by a look, or even a sensibility, but by the endlessly curious creative process that shaped it. Aiming to be a change agent to transform India’s image to be showcased as a hub of post-modern avant garde designs, we are driven by the intensity of architecture that we can produce, a quality that is almost indescribable- touching one’s sense of imagination and chartering a connection to a place. “I know this sounds trite, but it’s not about what’s true now,” says Founder Principal Prof. Charanjit S Shah. “It’s about asking, ‘what if?’” What if an architect could be as experimental as a chef? What if the building became a character? A Living organism? What if your environment could transform with every step?