Founder Architect's Message

Architecture at its visionary best exhilarates and inspires. It is a field that embodies design ingenuity, creating spaces and most importantly imagination. Architecture is not the creation of Non-Living Products made of merely Brick and Concrete; rather it is the art of creating Living Organisms that live in Harmony with Mother Nature. It is with this philosophy that we at Creative Group Endeavour to shape up Today’s world by adding Layers of Built forms and Infrastructure that complement the existing surrounding environment.

Since the establishment of Creative Group four decades back, we have innovated, experimented and implemented various Sustainable Strategies with the aim of giving Life to the structures. In our endeavor to endlessly Improve Product Quality, we have been ambitiously promoting Advanced Sustainable Strategies.

In today’s time of Large-Scale Urbanization, Infrastructure Design and Development, we restrain from mechanically adding layers to the City, instead we strive to amalgamate the Development with the existing Urban Layer. Our motto has always been advancement in a manner that it compliments and enhances the existing elements, yet bringing life to the urban spaces. Every design must be conceived to add charm and enhance the surroundings' innate beauty with energy and resource efficiency as key driving factors.

A design approach unique to CREATIVE GROUP. Each professional of our team is a passionate and dedicated visionary in their field. We don’t believe in building a corporate Firm rather treat each project as an opportunity for us to contribute positively to Mother Nature. With respect for Great Architects in our heart – FL Wright, Joseph Allen Stein, Le Corbusier & Mies Van Der Rohe we shall continue with our untiring pursuit to learn more about our Natural Existence and contribute indefinitely for a Sustainable Future.

It is with Great Pleasure that we introduce to you this website of Architectural works highlighting our Designs, best representing our diverse range of Innovative and Self-Sustainable designs. I hope you find our website engaging. We have endeavored to communicate the best of CREATIVE’s input in a varied range of Projects scaling from International Airports to Residence Designs.

“A built Form should not be treated as a dead mass of Brick & Concrete, but as a Living Organism.”

“Environment is the best Teacher.”

Prof. Charanjit S Shah
Founder Principal