Smart Cities India 2015

20-22 May 2015, Pragati Maidan

The initiative taken by the Government of India for "100 Smart Cities" is in the news lately. A conference organized by Exhibitions India Group on "Smart Cities India 2015" was held in the month of May, discussing various ideas and issues pertaining to successful implementation of smart cities in India.

Mr. Prabhpreet Shah, Executive Director of CG, was invited as a key speaker to share his views on Smart Cities and the Architectural Interventions required to design a city which is not only using smart technology, but is also sustainable and focusses on providing a comfortable life to its citizens. Moreover, Mr. Prabhpreet spoke about how India does not just need smart cities but could also benefit with Smart Villages to prevent rural to urban migration and choke the metropolitan cities. 

Please see Mr. Prabhpreet's presentation here -