Guest Lecture on Multimodal Transit Hubs by Prof. Charanjit Shah

13th August 2019, LPU Punjab

Day 1: 13th August; Prof. Charanjit delivered an exhaustive and captivating lecture on the issues related to modern transport infrastructure with possibilities of rectification through the concepts of last-mile connectivity and Intermodality. Prof. depicted his concern towards the inhuman designs of metro stations all over Delhi which tend to overshadow the life below and serve as a horrifying concrete web over the once magnificent cityscape of Delhi. the lecture moved forwards reflecting upon the various intermodal hubs and station designs by the Creative group studio over the past 50 years such as Chennai Intermodal hub, Nagpur Railways station, Thakurli Station, Naya Raipur Stations and the recent 20 intermodal hubs which our studio is developing in association with DMRC. Prof. believes that such concepts need to be imbibed amongst the students of architecture and engineering colleges right from their initial years. 

Day 2: 14th August; Prof. Charanjit Singh Shah delivered a talk on City planning principles which the young architects should comprehend before the demise of our already devastated metropolitan cities. He depicted the nature and human conscious design approach through the Jamshedpur town planning prepared by the Creative Group Team.